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Addressing student concerns, because they're our own.


Project aimed at helping first-year students hit the ground running by providing information, guidance, and introducing them to SGA and the services offered.

Counseling Services

Brainstorming ways to improve students’ knowledge of and access to Counseling Services and its resources, as well as aiming to reduce waiting times for appointments.

New Club Charters (ongoing)

Reviewing and chartering prospective on-campus organizations.

Athlete Ally

Discussing starting a chapter of Athlete Ally at Marist College. Athlete Ally is a national organization dedicated to bringing inclusion and equality to sports.

Marist Banners

Discussing and planning the installation of Marist College banners on light fixtures across campus in effort to increase school spirit.

Video Yearbook

Capturing moments throughout students’ Marist journey and creating a video to distribute at the end of senior year.

Peer-to-Peer Textbook Exchange Program

Discussing the implementation of a textbook program or fair that will encourage students to buy and sell textbooks to other students in effort to make college more affordable.

Website Update

Redesigned the Marist SGA website to make user interaction fast, fun, and friendly.


Currently implementing a multi-thousand dollar database that chronicles student organization profiles, membership rosters, and events, as well as increase student engagement, school spirit and promote a diverse and inclusive college campus.