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What is SGA (Student Government Association)?

SGA (Student Government Association) is the group responsible for advocating on behalf of the student body and giving guidance to other student groups, clubs, and organizations. SGA is the conduit for information from the administration and faculty to students and student groups. Check out our about us page.

What does SGA do?

Check out what projects we are working on!

Who is in SGA?

You can find out on our meet the team page!

Can I go to the meetings? When are they?

Yes anyone can attend! SGA meetings are held every Wednesday in the Murray Student Center at 11am. Stop by the SGA office to find out where.

Where can I find governing documents?

You can find them on our services page. The page includes agendas, bills, as well as our constitution and by laws.

What is ClubDash?

ClubDash is SGA's club management system utilized by all chartered clubs on campus. It is used for submitting allocations, creating events, and for taking attendance. Check it out here. Contact our Chief Information Officer for more information!

How do I edit my club website?

Most clubs edit their sites using SGA's content management system called OUCampus. Check out the website handbook on our clubs page.

How can I create a club?

Fill out our form here. Check out our clubs.

Where/who do I bring my concerns to?

You can contact us! Or bring your concerns to the SGA office located in the Murray Student Center next to Student Activities.

When are elections?

Elections occur every semester! There are elections for the new freshman class in the fall. And elections for Student Body President/VP and the Senate are held in the spring.

How do I get involved in SGA?

There are many ways to get involved! Email us for more information.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

You can appeal your ticket here!

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