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Schedule Planner

By: Daniella Inzerilli

For Spring 2018 Registration, the Registrar's Office is launching the new Marist Schedule Planner. The schedule planner is made to assist students during the registration process and will help alleviate the lingering stress of registration. The new planner generates multiple schedules with the specific courses you input. A popular feature of this schedule planner is that students are able to block off times that they don’t want dedicated to class. For example, if there is an accounting course you are looking to take, but you have work from 2:00PM to 4:00PM on Tuesdays and Fridays, the schedule will block off those days and times and create schedules around your free time based on the available sections.

To find and use the Marist Schedule Planner:

  1. Sign into your MyMarist account and go to the Student tab and select Banner Self Service.

  2. Then go to the registration menu and select schedule planner in the student tab.

  3. From there you pick the desired Term (semester) then click Save and Continue.

  4. Next, pick your desired campus and make sure the course status is Open Classes.

  5. To start selecting the course you would like to take press +Add Course. You have three options to pick from when selecting your courses. You can go by subjects, (i.e. accounting, art, etc.) or you can pick from course attribute, (i.e. Fine Arts requirement, History requirement, etc.), or you can pick by instructor.

  6. Once you have all the courses you are looking to take inputted, click Generate Schedules and all possible schedule combinations will be generated.

  7. Additionally, by clicking Add Break, you are able to make breaks throughout your day to ensure your classes will not overlap with other commitments.

It is important to keep in mind that some classes have prerequisites before registering. The schedule planner will show if a class has prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before registering. This will save you time instead of flipping back and forth between the course catalog to make sure nothing restricts you from registering. Finally, this new tool allows you to save the generated schedules with the CRN numbers that way everything is in one place during the time of registration.

The schedule planner is very user friendly and was made to be an additional resource for students registering for classes. We are always looking for feedback to pass along to make the experience more enjoyable for students. For more information, click here.