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Marist Plans to Open Campus Bar

By: Daniella Inzerilli

Over the course of the last year, SGA has recently been engaging in conversation with students, faculty, staff, and administration about how we can drive Red Fox pride, promote student engagement, and foster a greater sense of community. We have asked ourselves, “What can we do to bring students together?”

Well, we just might have the answer we’ve been looking for.

One of several recurring themes throughout these conversations was physical space - that is, how we can better utilize our physical space on campus to improve our sense of community.

Alright, we’ll just get to the point.

SGA is excited to announce that Marist administration plans to re-open the on-campus bar in the 1st floor of the Student Center!

Currently, the addition is in the planning stage, but construction is tentatively scheduled to begin during the 2019-2020 academic year following the completion of the McCann addition.

“The Student Center was intended to provide a space for collaboration and community for our students,” said Director of Student Activities Bob Lynch. “We believe the bar will provide a safe alternative for students who may not want to participate in off-campus nightlife.”

Although hours of operation have yet been decided, SGA has suggested opening the bar on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10pm-2am. Administration is receptive to potentially opening the bar on Tuesday nights as well.

Of course, this would require a larger staffing of on-campus security officers. Director of Safety and Security John Blaisdell stated, “The bar would require a significant increase in the size of our staff, but if it’s something that will provide students with a safer alternative than going off-campus, then it’s something we’re willing to work with.”

Some of the many names being thrown around for the bar include “Champ’s” and “Hudson’s.”

Moving forward, we are excited to work with the Office of Safety and Security, the Office of Student Activities, and other Marist administration. We hope that this will provide a safe and entertaining environment for students to come together.

Happy April Fool’s!

*Disclaimer: the expressed views are fictional and the information is not factual.*