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Marist College Drops $15.2 Million to Get Rid of Shooter the Fox

By: Daniella Inzerilli

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – Marist College is making a hefty switch to reposition its business strategy to continue gaining a competitive advantage. The college plans to take simple initiative that would result in turning Shooter the Fox, the current school mascot, to “Gary the Groundhog,” since the school is heavily saturated with groundhogs on campus.

The college’s administration discussed the financial implications, and concluded that a total of $15.2 million would be lost due to admission and marketing operations being completely redone. The college states that this is an essential strategy that needs to be enforced as soon as possible. “The switch is a priority for the institution” said a member in the Student Government Association. “We want our students to better relate to the campus and the mission of the college, and this is easily the best and most effective way to do so.”

Gary the Groundhog will take his position in the Fall of 2017 – the color will remain red, however, all marketing, social media, and Marist apparel will begin getting switched starting in June. If any student has any major questions or concerns, they are welcomed to reach out to sga@marist.edu

Happy April Fool’s Day!