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January 2017 Press Release

By: Daniella Inzerilli

Isabella Duenas-Lozada
Class of 2019 President
Early May

"The Class of 2019 is very excited to be back and host some memorable events for this Spring semester. We are looking to incorporate various clubs on campus to reinforce the sense of community before members of our class go abroad or begin internships. Our primary event this semester will be our Sophomore Year Send-off. The purpose of this event is to unite our class one last time before we part ways our Junior year. We are planning to have the Sophomore Send-Off event in early May, shortly before finals week starts. We do not have the exact date yet, but we know we would like to have it at the end of the year before everyone goes their separate ways. Other events include Women's History Month recognition, a multicultural food tasting, and a brunch for our class. We are looking forward to planning and executing these ideas as the semester progresses."

Eric Johnson
Class of 2020 President

“The class of 2020 is reforming and finally meeting again after the near 2 month suspension, and boy do we have plans. Our original idea of a coffee house oriented towards the holidays is now being reformatted. This event will be held during February, and more details will be released as time progresses. In addition, we have multiple ideas for cultural events in order to bring to attention groups that aren't represented well enough on campus. These events wouldn't be to praise nor condemn any political figures, but rather shine a light on groups that don't receive much attention.”

Thomas Ciravolo
Student Body Historian
End of Semester

“The project that I am working on is the Video Yearbook which is a video of a class’ four years at Marist. The students of Marist College will get this their senior year. The video will consist of events, skits, and pictures from their freshman to senior year. It's a video that consists of the students’ four years at Marist College. I am also trying to get cameras for the class historians so that way all the events that the classes hold can be documented. Lastly I am working on getting the student historian positions and the class historian positions more involved.”

Frank Siderio
Chief Information Officer
September 2017

“CollegiateLink is a platform that will revolutionize the way students interact with clubs. It will enable Student Government to learn more about the students at Marist and give them a more enjoyable experience. It is also a place where Student Government can host all its services in a more efficient user friendly way. This is expected to be completed by September 2017.”

Edward Oser
Vice President of Athletic Affairs
End of Semester

“The project that I am excited to be working on is starting Marist’s own chapter of the national organization Athlete Ally. Athlete Ally is a non-profit organization that promotes inclusiveness in athletic communities for the LGBTQ community. The campus chapter’s aim is creating allies in athletics; whether it is the players, fans, coaches, or others involved. I am currently working hard to get our own chapter started and to have a physical presence on campus. The end goal is to have a chartered chapter by the end of the semester that is ready to advocate for all those on campus in the athletics community! You will hear more about this soon! I am also finishing up Marist’s first real tailgating policy that I hope will be implemented for any spring games, like Lacrosse, when approved.”

Tyler Robinson
Vice President of Safety and Security
End of February

“My team and I have been working on several projects. I believe the most highlighted project is the production of our self-defense training video. This video will be used to improve the safety of students through educating and improving SNAP personnel and security officers on our campus. I see this being completed by the end of February.”

Gabrielle Revis
Resident Senator/Head of the Hudson River Valley Administration
End of Semester

“This semester we plan to roll out a page on the SGA website that will have a list of the many different places there are to visit in the surrounding area. We hope to have links to the different locations' websites so that students can visit and explore. This is a great opportunity for students to get off campus and enjoy the many wonders that the Hudson Valley has to offer. We also hope to plan a trip to Rhinebeck. For a small fee, students can take a bus up to the town of Rhinebeck, which is only 30 minutes away, and they can shop, walk around the town, or grab a quick bite to eat. We hope to do this towards the end of the semester when it is nicer out, so expect to hear more.”

Stephanie Cosmai
Resident Senator

“I am working on the planning and execution of the Mr. Marist event, a male pageant which will raise money for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. The event is set for March 29th and we are really looking forward to it. I am also working on the planning of a school spirit week. Hopefully one can be executed for April of this semester and if not, it will be planned for the first semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.”

Eric Seltzer
Speaker of the Senate
Throughout Semester

“I chair the Rules and Administration committee, which is currently in the process of developing a new Constitution and drafting a Marist Student Bill of Rights. In addition, I continue to serve my constituents as a Resident Senator, where I am focused on initiatives which make the Student Center more student-friendly. For the past two years, I have orchestrated a variety of “Fox Den After Dark” events, which provide fun alternative programming opportunities for students on weekend nights. There are two exciting events scheduled for this semester – so stay tuned!”