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New Club Application Form

Share your cool club idea here!

Here are the general steps one should follow when creating a new club

  1. Fill out forms
  2. Contact the VP of Club Affairs
    • After filling out the new club application send an email to the VP of Club Affairs to start the club chartering process.

      Arrange a meeting get approval from the Financial Board to approval for your club's proposed budget.

  3. Petitioning to generate interest for the club
  4. This can be done by:

    • Creating a Google form
    • Gathering signatures from people in person
    • Any other reasonable method you can think of
  5. Present to the Club Board
  6. Develop a presentation detailing the general activites and the special events you plan to have in your club. We reccomend that you do this with your board.

  7. Present to SGA

Once Approved by SGA

  • To get access to clubdash contact Michelle Williams at michele.williams@marist.edu
  • Contact the Chief Information Officer to get an official club email at Brian.Coppola1@marist.edu