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Class of 2022 - Marist College SGA

Class of 2022

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Kayla Dixon


Hi I’m Kayla Dixon and I am a freshman. I was treasurer of my school's student council for two years and I really enjoyed having a voice and getting involved in my school. I wanted to join Student Government Association just for that same reason again. I want to help make a difference at Marist. I have experience on being class of 2022 historian and I loved every moment of it from making flyers to planning events. I was involved in multimedia and I was an AP English student at my high school. As a board we just got into the swing of things holding two events our first semester. If I am elected again there will be plenty more. Give me another chance to show you what I can do you will not regret it!

Jack Gadomski

Vice President

Hello my name is Jack Gadomski, and I would like to run for the position of Vice President of the Class of 2022. The reason I want this position, is because I have a burning passion for involvement. I’m the type of person who loves planning, organizing, managing, and anything really that makes me feel like I have a purpose on campus. During my high school career I was Class Treasurer for three years, President of the National Honor Society, President of Model UN, as well as a dedicated member of four other clubs. I was extremely involved with my high school, so I wish to bring that same amount of passion and dedication here to Marist College. I believe that if I am elected, I would be more than capable of handling the workload and the difficult tasks that come along with the position. As a person, I am very social and outgoing, I love making people laugh, and I love spreading positivity and optimism. My hobbies includes reading, drawing, and plotting ways to make the world a better place. Here on campus, I am currently the standing Vice President of the Class of 2022 and I hope to remain in that position to fulfil the big plans the current board has.

Fernanda Ramirez-Mejia

Vice President

My name is Fernanda Ramirez-Mejia, I am a freshman and I am running for the position of Vice President for the class of 2022. I am running because I would love to be more involved with my class and the Marist community. It is important that everybody’s voices are heard in the class of 2022, and I hope to get everybody’s ideas, thoughts, and concerns through to the student government administration. I hope to help make the class’ experience as great as it can be! Currently I am in Black Student Union, ARCO, Gospel Choir, and Replica, the Marist step team.

Caroline O’Hadley


Caroline O’Handley, a freshman in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Marist College, is running for the position of Student Government Historian for the class of 2022. Caroline, who is from Babylon, Long Island, has been in student government since high school, where she took part in many community service events and helped organize fundraisers for various charities. Currently, Caroline serves as the president of Leo Residence Hall Council, and was previously Historian. Caroline brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in Student Government, which will benefit her in the role of Historian for the 2022. Caroline currently works as an Administrative Assistant in the Center for Multicultural Affairs, where she works closely with Marist staff, and students. Caroline feels that her experience in past and current roles have helped her understand the dynamics, needs, and views of the student body, and the importance of an open minded and committed leader. Caroline looks forward to representing Marist College’s class of 2022 as their Historian.

Shakhodat Khanbabaeva


My name is Shakhodat Khanbabaeva and I am a freshman at Marist College running for the position of the President of the Class of 2022. I decided to run for this position again after receiving the honor to serve as the President of the Class for the 2018-2019 academic year. Although it was not easy to adjust to my new role in the beginning of the semester, I believe that I have learned a lot in the past few months, and therefore I am currently in a perfect place to continue my role as the President of the class, and continue to organize many excellent events and projects for our class. I have learned a lot in the past few months, and I would feel highly honored if I were to get re-elected to serve as the President of the Class of 2022 for the 2019-2020 academic year as well. My board and I have many events planned for next year, and I would love the opportunity to make them come true. I became very passionate about my role in this position, and I would love to continue contributing to a difference at Marist College and our community as a whole. Here on campus, I am an active member of many clubs and organizations, including Marist Honors Program, Campus Ministry, Dance Ensemble, Business Club, RHC, ARCO, MISA, and Intramural Volleyball.

Meg VanWormer


My name is Meghan VanWormer and I am running for Secretary for the class of 2022. I currently hold this position, therefore I am hoping to get re-elected because I had a lot of fun being apart of Student Government first semester, and I also have background knowledge for what this position entails.. Student government taught me a lot about responsibility, dedication, and commitment and I would love to be associated with such a remarkable club again. I currently devote a large amount of my time to student government and both my board and I think that it is important to do so because we want our Marist community to continue thriving.

Jordan Levene

Vice President

Hello! My name is Jordan Levene and I am a freshman running for the class of 2022 Vice President! I am so excited to be running for Vice President and believe that it will be a great opportunity to talk with students in my class about what more they want to see at Marist and be as helpful as possible. I also look forward to working closely with the President in order to help make our next few years at Marist the most we as a class can get out of it. My main reason for running is wanting to be a voice for students who feel like they have been silenced or not listened to. I look forward to hearing from different people and figuring out something that works for everyone. I consider myself to be very involved on campus. I am Vice President of my dorm building, Leo Hall, for RHC. I am also the PR person for Femme Club. I am also involved in Ambassadors, the Ethical Fashion club. Her Campus, Hillel, and Fashion INC. I look forward to meeting the other candidates and being involved in SGA!!