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Class of 2020 - Marist College SGA

Class of 2020

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Eric Johnson


Hello again all! My name is Eric Johnson, and I am running for my 4th consecutive term as the Class of 2020 President. This previous year, we hosted an array of events, from book readings and town halls, to mental health speaking engagement. In our culminating year at Marist, I wish to serve you all one last time. The size and demands of our Marist's traditional senior year events demands someone with a strong understanding of the allocation system and the workings of the board. I hoped I have proved to you all of my ability and wish you to vote for me so that I am able to serve you one final time.

Nia Walters


My name is Nia Walters and a junior in the Class of 2020. I major in Psychology and have a double minor in Cognitive Science and Global Studies. I hope to receive the secretary position for my class. Many people that know me know that a lot of the things that I do are on a whim, as I like to take on new opportunities that introduce me to a new side of student life and push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s always good to take chances, and joining the Student Government Association is my idea of that. I like to be as involved as I can on campus, because I love meeting people, understanding their backgrounds, getting to know their passions and seeing how I relate to them. Joining the SGA, as the secretary position, is a perfect platform for someone like me, who is interested in hearing what the student’s of my class are interested and in and what their concerns are. In that way, I can work with the board to make changes or improvements that will meet, and hopefully exceed, students’ expectations. One of the main parts of my major is learning to understand and listen to people. I want to make students feel heard, so that they can take these opportunities to grow and encourage those around them to do better. I’m usually everywhere on campus, and I’m involved with a lot of activities. I came to Marist ready to be apart of whatever I could including: Red Ink, Yoga, Dance Ensemble, etc. My sophomore year I held my first board position as secretary of the Marist Purple Thread. Although, I had to let that position go when I studied abroad in London. Later, I was motivated to help a close friend start Foxy Beauty, where I am the current Social Media and Productions manager. Most recently, I received a board position in Psychology Club as Webmaster.

Brian Greenberg


Brian Greenberg is a Junior from Rocky Point, NY. He is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Advertising. Brian is running for Treasurer for the Class of 2020 because he wants to help create a great senior experience for the class. Brian has been the Treasurer for the Class of 2020 since Spring 2017 and is looking to finish the work he has been involved with over the past few years. Vote for Brian!