Ted Dolce - Student Body President

Ted Dolce is a junior from Miami studying Criminal Justice and Communications. In his time at Marist, he has been blessed to sit on different committees and councils. He has also mentored students in the community and been the President of ARCO. He is currently the Deputy of Inclusion, and hopes to be the next Student Body President! Ted will be a great President for our student body and our community because he acts solely on the voices of the student body to represent and serve all Red Foxes!

Ankofa Billips - Executive Vice President

Ankofa Billips is a junior at Marist College. She is currently serving as the President of the Black Student Union as well as Operations Assistant at Student Activities. She is deeply committed to curating an important and memorable experience for all students.

Nicholas Bradford - Resident Senator

Nicholas Bradford is a junior at Marist College. A Computer Science- Game Design major who has spent much of his college career being involved, Nicholas is ready to come back to the SGA after a year of working on other projects with members of the student body. Nicholas is determined to be a voice for the students, to ensure that their voices will be heard, and promises REAL results over the next year. He is excited to be running for Resident Senator to allow him to do those all of those things.

Mark Palmer -Resident Senator

Mark Palmer is from Los Angeles, California. He is a sophomore Political Science major with a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduation, he plans to enter politics on the local level to improve the lives of his fellow Los Angeles residents. For now, he has eyes set on improving the Marist College community for everyone. That means reforming the way Greek Life is run on campus. That means making processes like housing more transparent to students and their families. Most of all, it means listening to his fellow Marist students, and fighting to make all of our college experience as stress-free and fulfilling as possible.

Mariah Sepulveda - Resident Senator

Mariah Sepulveda is a sophomore studying Communications with a minor in Political Science and is running for re-election in her current position as Resident Senator. She has been heavily involved in Student Government since the fourth grade and has always enjoyed being an active advocate for her peers. Stay positive & remember to vote!

Eric Johnson - Class of 2020 President

Eric Johnson is a sophomore at Marist College running for the position of the Class of 2020 President. Eric is currently a member of the Marist ROTC Program, the Honors Program, and the Marist Rugby Team. Eric desires to continue in his current capacity, but to enact real change on campus and enact referendums challenging the Administration, making sure that the Administration only makes choices based on the best interests of the Student Body.

Brian Greenberg - Class of 2020 Treasurer

Brian Greenberg is a sophomore from Rocky Point, NY. He is a Business Administration major with a minor in Political Science. Brian is running for Treasurer for the Class of 2020 because he wants to improve the Marist experience of the Class of 2020 and all future classes. Brian is currently the Treasurer for the Class of 2020 and is a part of Marist Republicans and Marist Singers. Vote for Brian!

Brendalyn Juarbe - Class of 2020 Secretary

Brendalyn Juarbe is a sophomore at Marist College. The position that she is running for and hopes to get is Secretary of her Sophomore Class through Student Government Association. She is running for this position because she is eager to be an advocate for her peers and to make everyone’s wishes a reality. She is also an HEOP student and many people might have preconceived notions on her integrity as a student and as an individual. She strives to break those dynamics and rewrite the script that may have been written before her.

Brendan Carl - Class of 2021 President

Brendan Carl is a philosophy and economics duel major. He plans on making Marist more "Lit," because Marist is not very lit to begin with. Aiming to be a second term President, Brendan brings a creative and spontaneous energy that he wants to spread throughout the campus. "Be Cool, BCarl."

Jaime Minervini - Class of 2021 Treasurer

Jaime Minervini is currently a freshman from River Vale, NJ. She is majoring in Business Administration - Finance and double minoring in Spanish and Fashion Merchandising. Jaime is running for the position of Treasurer of Class of 2021, and she is responsible for managing the class budget, reporting all financial transactions, and serving as a link between her class and administration. Her personal goal is to hold many fundraisers in order to host fun activities for the class and enable everyone have the most enjoyable experience at Marist. Jaime has served on student council throughout all of high school, has interned as a financial assistant at Prestige Mills for two years, and has served this year as Treasurer of Class of 2021 at Marist College. She is now involved in Business Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, Beta Alpha Psi, and is currently the treasurer of Relay for Life. A fun fact about Jaime is that she loves to shop and cook!

April Pensa - Class of 2021 Secretary

April Pensa is an undeclared freshman at Marist. She is re-running for the position of Secretary for the Class of 2021. She has decided to run for this position once again because of her successful experience as Secretary throughout the first semester, as well as her dedication to serving the school community. She is also a member of the Honors Program, the Ambassadors Program, the Emerging Leaders Program, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and Campus Ministry.